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We’ve been in the business for over 50 years. That’s why we can tell you some things that you’re not going to hear anywhere else. There are a LOT of pest control companies. Some of them are very big corporations and many of them are just one guy and his truck. Who do you trust?

3 things to look for in a Pest Control company

The answer is very simple. Pick the company that really cares about its employees and its customers. Think about these things before you make your decision:

Does the company have a license to operate? WE DO!

Only licensed operators can purchase and use the safest and most effective pest control treatments available. These tools are far more powerful than the stuff you can buy at your local store. That is why they work faster and better.

Can they explain what treatments options they will use, and what they charge for? WE WILL!

This may be your first time with a wasp, mouse, or cockroach problem, but a real professional sees them every day. An experienced technician will know how to handle the situation and have confidence in his/her assessment. No unnecessary treatments and no hidden fees!

Do the technicians have the right gear to do that job? WE ARE READY TO GO!

Before they begin the work, ask them what measures they have to protect themselves. If the employee cannot protect themselves from the pests, can you be sure they will protect you, your family, and your home? For over 50 years, we have been protecting families in Quebec from things that bite, crawl, and spread diseases. We’ve earned a reputation for doing our job the right way and to our customers’ satisfaction.

The Best Guarantee in the Industry!

When you hire us to get rid of pests, you’re hiring a company which provides a guarantee to its customers. Our job is only done when you are satisfied! Here’s how it works:

  1. A certified technician will assess the infestation and present a treatment plan.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the results, we will treat the area AGAIN at no extra charge.
  3. If you have followed the treatment plan and are not completely satisfied, we will work to solve the problem or refund your payment.

Go ahead and read it again. No loopholes, no catch, and no fine print! You have nothing to lose, except those pests.

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Our technicians live and work in neighbourhoods throughout the province. So whether you’re in Val d’Or, Gaspé, or somewhere in between, we’re delighted to help you solve any pest problems you have. Call 1-855-408-4765 to book an appointment today!

Duchesneau et Fils is a division of Orkin Canada, the largest pest control service provider in Canada with more than 25 locations across the country and in every province.

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Parasites Courants

Nous sommes fiers de nos techniciens, leur formation et leur expertise dans la gestion des problèmes de ravageurs en toute sécurité et efficacement. Voici une liste des ravageurs les plus fréquentes que nous rencontrons tous les jours.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug















Other Wildlife

Raccoon and skunk

Centipedes and Millipedes

Centipedes and Millipedes





Choose the Best in Pest Control!

We’re here to help you the way we’ve helped countless customers over the last 50 years, with fast and professional service. If there’s any reason why you’re still reading this and having doubts about the quality of our service, our friendly staff will answer your questions. We even have a toll-free number! Call 1-855-408-4765 now and let us solve your pest problem.
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